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Born For Purpose (Course 2)


Born for Purpose online learning video course



Born For Purpose (Course 2)

contains four online training modules presented by Rob and Aliss Cresswell:

BORN FROM ABOVE (4 lessons)

A module exploring what the Bible means by being ‘born from above’ or spiritual birth.


A module exploring how we can know our purpose.

HEAL THE SICK (4 lessons)

A module showing how we can heal the sick today.

HEARING GOD (5 lessons)

A module exploring how we can learn to know God’s voice in the everyday.

With a total of 17 lessons each with their own quiz questions Born for Purpose (Course 2) is a great introduction to understanding our identity and purpose in God.

We recommend that students work through one module a week to make the most of the training and give time to apply the faith activation exercises at the end of each module.


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