In this 2 CD teaching Aliss Cresswell lays out five foundations for ‘how to move in the power of healing and miracles’. Be inspired by the real life miracle stories Aliss shares in her easy and down to earth way and take hold of the simple truths that will bring you into fresh and powerful divine encounters every day. Receive healing, deliverance and impartation as Aliss prays with you and believe for your breakthrough.

Aliss Cresswell and her husband Rob have witnessed hundreds of miraculous healings and salvations through their retail, hospitality and lifestyle businesses and workshops. Rob and Aliss oversee MorningStar’s relational network in Europe, they are establishing apostolic hubs and have recently launched ‘Spirit Lifestyle’, international online training, events and products. Aliss has a vision to raise up an army of supernatural followers of Jesus who will impact the world with the love and power of the gospel of the Kingdom. Her books, A Diary of Miracles Parts I and II and The Normal Supernatural Christian Life are inspiring many to experience heavenly realities, to share the good news of Jesus Christ and release the Kingdom of Heaven everywhere they go.