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The Power of the Spirit (Course 3)


The Power of the Spirit Online Training Course



The Power of the Spirit (Course 3)

The Power of the Spirit (course 3) contains four online training modules presented by Rob and Aliss Cresswell:


A module exploring ‘the word of knowledge’, what it is and how we can use it.

NIGHT DREAMS (4 lessons)

A module exploring ‘night dreams’ and how God can use our dreams to speak to us.

HEALING OTHERS (4 lessons)

A module focusing on how we can reach out and minister healing to others.

DEMONS (4 lessons)

A module taking a look at demons or evil spirits – what are they and how do we deal with them.


A module that continues the theme of not only getting free, but also staying free.

With a total of 20 lessons, each with their own quiz questions, THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT (Course 3) is a great introduction to understanding how we can live in the power and authority of Jesus.

We recommend that students work through one module a week to make the most of the training and give time to apply the faith activation exercises at the end of each module.


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