Gifts of the Spirit DVD Set: 3 DVD’s containing 8 full training episodes on the theme of Gifts of the Spirit.

Perfect for small groups! Online worksheet and leader’s guide included.

Rob & Aliss Cresswell present eight 20 minute episodes with Biblical foundations and real life applications. Learn about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and be activated to use them powerfully in everyday life. A perfect course for individuals or groups.

About the Spirit Lifestyle Gifts of the Spirit DVD Course

The Spirit Lifestyle Gifts of the Spirit DVD Course comprises of eight 20 minute episodes presented by Rob & Aliss Cresswell. The presentation style is that of speaking directly to the viewer(s) with a mixture of testimonies, Bible basics, workshop exercises and praying for the viewer(s). Each episode typically comprises of:

  1. A short welcome and introduction from Rob and Aliss
  2. An Introduction of the episode theme by Aliss (typically with real life video footage relating to the theme)
  3. ‘Spirit Basics’ underlying Bible teaching presented by Rob on a variety of locations (followed by a three point recap of teaching points)
  4. ‘Spirit Encounters with Aliss’ reinforcing the theme and praying for the viewer
  5. Summary and Faith Activation by Rob and Aliss

This 3 DVD set contains the following Spirit Lifestyle episodes:

  1. Spiritual Empowerments

A Biblical foundation for desiring and using the nine spiritual empowerments in 1 Corinthians 12 .

  1. Messages of Wisdom and Knowledge

Exploring the spiritual empowerments of message of wisdom and message (or word) of knowledge

  1. Supernatural faith

What is the nature of faith and what does Paul mean by this special gift of faith?

  1. Gifts of Healing

The only gift in the 1 Corinthians 12 passage to be listed in plural – the manifold nature of healing.

  1. Miraculous powers

Discovering what it means to live as a person who expects miracles every day

  1. The Gift of Prophecy

What is the role and purpose of prophecy and why does Paul single this gift out as to be desired above all others?

  1. Discerning of Spirits

Explaining the gift of discerning (or distinguishing between) spirits and how important it is to operate in this spiritual empowerment.

  1. Spiritual Languages

Presenting an episode on the purpose and use of tongues and interpretation of tongues.

Leaders Guide and Worksheets

The DVD also comes with a unique code to download Spirit Lifestyle Gifts of the Spirit Leaders Guide and Worksheets. The Leaders Guide contains helpful information on how to run a small group. There is a worksheet for each episode suggesting items for reflection and discussion, Bible searches, recaps and faith activations.

Protected: Gifts of the Spirit DVD Worksheets and Leaders Guide
Size: 300KB

This DVD set has been formatted to play in all world regions.